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Letters to the editor

I’ve only been trying to help

Mrs. Conover continues to mislead people by suggesting I am a career politician; yet I’ve never held elected office. In comparison, Mrs. Conover has been on the Davison School Board since 1988 when Ronald Reagan was still the President of the United States. Mrs. Conover has held that same position for 30 years and wants to serve another six year term.

Mrs. Conover suggests that I hold back from running against her and just tell the Board my ideas to enhance our district and they will consider them for implementation. I’ve made countless attempts to do just that. I’ve knocked on her door, called her phone multiple times, wrote her letters, addressed her at meetings, I’ve even contacted the superintendent at last hope to see if he can schedule a meeting for Mrs. Conover and I and she refused and Lieske said she wasn’t happy at all I wanted to meet with her. I was invited to the Davison Schools volunteer appreciation dinner and I walked up to Mrs. Conover to shake her hand and she turned her cheek and wouldn’t even acknowledge me. The funny thing is, she has never met me or took the time to meet me.

She mocks the election signs I put out, calling it self-promotion. With all due respect to Mrs. Conover, I’m not as lucky as she is to run uncontested term after term. Mrs. Conover’s name is signed on my diploma, you would think she would encourage me, but instead we see her refer to me as “Master Smith” and criticize me to the community.

Mrs. Conover pointed out that the majority of the Board has “very little board experience,” well good news, help is on the way. I have the experience serving on several boards and full knowledge of the duties of the Davison Board of Education to do this job. In fact, one of the Boards I currently serve on (Flint Area Right To Life) was the Board Mrs. Conover once held and used as her experience when running for the School Board in voter guides.

While Mrs. Conover chooses to belittle me, I will be taking a different route, focusing on enhancing the lives of our 5,500 students and 700 full and part time employees.

Go Cardinals!

Matthew M. Smith,

Proud Graduate Davison

Community Schools

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